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From Stan (Philippines):


First of all, our sincerest thanks for the wonderful experience we had recently as part of the banca-safari in the Visayan Islands. We all had a super time. I think one of the best things about the trip is that there was indeed something for everyone. There were lots of superlatives expressed:

Alex: "It doesn't get any better than this!"Sylvia : "Truly amazing!"
Aidan : "It was awesome!"
Danielle and Dominique: "Daddy, can we do it again?!"
It truly is a first class experience for the entire family.

Two thumbs up for the overall effort!

Once again many thanks.

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From Henry Curteis (UK):

I went on the Banca Safari on the spur of the moment, not even asking how much it cost until we were on our way.
image of a clown fish and sea anemonehenry

Also everyone on board became friends and kept in contact afterwards.

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From Tom Colvin (USA):

I've lived in the Philippines for over 20 years. My Banca Safari trip through the Sabuyan Seas was my best week ever in the country! Besides the joys of the banca itself and its crew [and lovely stewardesses], I was thrilled with the discovery of out of the way towns and villages -- and their delightful people.


Romblon, for example, is certainly the happiest little town I've ever visited -- and I mean "ever"!


Even more important to me personally, as a writer engaged in serious research into the Manila Galleon, our trip followed almost exactly the track of the galleons between Batangas and the San Bernardino Straits

And I'll never forget the astonishing moon, which popped up in its full, deep yellow glory while we were still at sea. What a great adventure.

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From Robbie Thomson (UK):

Absolutely fantastic trip from start to finish. The crew were amazing, looking after the customers with food, drink, smiles and even catering for some funny dietary requests. The Banca Safari staff/team put together an amazing package, and we experienced everything from sun, sand & sea (obviously) to some festivals, butterfly farms, amazing beaches, picture postcard perfect sunsets, and a thoroughly enjoyable journey.

All in all, for me it was a trip of a lifetime, one which i can't wait to repeat.