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Come let us organise you a party of a lifetime sand, sea, sun.fun! The perfect way to celebrate your special day. Need we say more?

Private Cruises

Treat that special someone to a candle-lit dinner and bathe in the rays of the setting sun aboard the Buri Princess or simply enjoy the company of you friends and family in an intimate gathering, whilst taking the chance to see some of the most beautiful islands in the world! We will tailor a trip to meet your every need just ask!

Special Events
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A unique opportunity to jazz up a party or add a little zing to a corporate outing! Whether its a Hen Night or a Team Building Course, Banca Safaris will ensure you make the most of your exclusive event...

Team Building

A Team Building Course with Banca Safaris is an ideal way to bond with the people around you, in a new and exciting environment. We can organize and facilitate a programme to help you and your team develop new skills and tackle novel challenges together! So take this opportunity to get to know that colleague-from-the-other-department, whose name you dont know!

Corporate Outings

Banca Safaris now offer Corporate Outings — a refreshing, unique and affordable way to treat your staff! Or alternatively, take the chance to impress your new clients and seal the deal! We can organize a relaxing, fun and yet professional day out.

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The possibilities are endless...as are the seas...