Visayan Safari
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  • Head south through the be-jewelled Visayan Islands
  • The bustle of Cebu City, sits beside the vast coral reef of resort-full Mactan Island
  • The coral reefs of northern Bohol shimmer beneath a pristine sea
  • Panglao Island is the gateway to the Chocolate Hills, beaches and dive sites galore
  • The Sulu Sea is home to many spinner dolphins and toothed and baleen whales... the Yankee Whalers even searched for Moby Dick in Philippine Waters in Herman Melville’s famous novel.

Visayas Safaris photos

  • Siquijor Island truly stands on the edge of time, rolling along at a pace barely visible
  • Apo Island is a marine dweller’s sanctuary and a diver’s coral garden
  • Bonbonon’s typhoon harbour is a slither of peace and quiet
  • Dumaguete is the most elegant of seaside towns with its heart centered in its stylish shoreside promenade

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