what is Banca Safaris?
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Quite simply; a banca safari is a journey around some of the Philippine Islands on a traditional Filipino boat, known as a banca.

We travel during the day by banca, stopping at the deserted beaches and bays on the way and staying at established onshore resorts by night.

The Philippines is comprised of over 7,100 islands, each island with its own unique characteristics and charm, surrounded by some of the most beautiful seas in the world.

Travel by water is a necessity to access most of the islands, as airports can only serve the larger, more developed ones.
Safari is a term from East Africa meaning an adventurous journey, with overtones of exploration and discovery: Banca Safaris provides just that; an adventurous journey, conducted in an enjoyable and unique style - by traditional banca!

The traditional banca boat has stood the test of time as being the most effective way of inter-island travel in these seas. Their shallow draft means that often bancas do not need to be moored off shore, but instead can be 'beached', so you don’t even need to get your feet wet! Their wide open decks provide ease of movement during travel and are open to the invigorating and relaxing sea air. It is the perfect way to visit some of the world’s best beaches.

The Anatomy of a Banca
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